North Dakota State Vintage Wooden Flag


The Peace Garden State, also known as North Dakota, was inducted as the 39th state in the United States of America. This vintage wooden flag of the Flickertail State’s flag is handcrafted by Eddie’s Flags and hand painted on distressed wood. This unique wooden flag is available in multiple sizes.

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Every flag we make is handcrafted one-at-a-time using new and used beat up fence boards, pallet boards, floorboards and other random reclaimed materials. Each flag is hand-painted using durable exterior latex house paints before going through the distress process. The final result is a unique, one-of-a-kind flag that takes advantage of the natural imperfections in the wood to bring out the true character of each flag. While we like to fool ourselves that we can control the final outcome, we really can’t. Our process brings out the unique beauty in each flag and the final outcome never disappoints! Seeing how each flags turns out keeps the process fresh and fun for all of us who make a contribution.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 20 × 2 in