Terms and Conditions

Each flag we make is handcrafted, one-at-a-time using new and used beat up fence boards, pallet boards, floorboards and other random reclaimed materials. Each flag is hand-painted using durable exterior latex house paints before going through the distress process. The final result is a unique, one-of-a-kind flag that takes advantage of the natural imperfections in the wood to bring out the true character of each flag. While we’d like to fool ourselves that we can control the final outcome, we really can’t. Our process brings out the unique beauty in each flag and the final outcome never disappoints! Seeing how each flag turns out keeps the process fresh and fun for all of us who make a contribution. All standard flags are made from Cedar Fence Boards and our Custom flags are made from a variety of wood including cedar, pine, oak, fir, and others. Please note, on any custom order request, we cannot use trademarked or copyrighted artwork without written permission from the original creator or owner.

Eddie’s Flags are very durable. If hung indoors they can last for decades. If hung outdoors, there is the possibility of fading due to direct sunlight and weather. We use Latex Outdoor House Paint when creating our flags so they can be hung outdoors. We recommend applying a Paste Wax once a year to protect your flag from the elements.

Standard products ship within 2 weeks of ordering and custom orders ship within 4 weeks. Once a flag ships, please allow 3-5 business days to arrive. Once your flag arrives safely, you have 14 days to return it for any reason.

***To limit exposure of COVID-19 we will be isolating all incoming returns for 3-5 days before processing damage shipments, returns and exchanges. We appreciate your patience on the delay.